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City needs to make it safer for cyclists on isle

Galveston Island needs to figure out how to make itself a safer place for bicyclists.

One does not need to drive too far to see cyclists riding across a parking lot or in and out of traffic along the seawall. There is something undeniable about coming to the beach and wanting to take in the scenery from two wheels.

But, unfortunately, Galveston is trailing the rest of the nation in welcoming cyclists. With its beautiful scenery, flat riding surfaces, and laid-back attitude, Galveston is just the type of place where cycling should be embraced.

Furthermore, anyone who has been along the seawall during high season knows it sure wouldn’t hurt to have a few people leave their cars at the hotel and ride around town on a bike.

Currently, we have pedestrians and cyclists sharing the same small spaces along the seawall or sidewalks. This is less than ideal — or safe — for either party.

Texas is home to some of the most progressive cycling communities in the nation — Austin is practically a poster child for figuring out how to create a place for those who’d like to cycle.

Considering how compact the footprint of our island is, wouldn’t it make sense to create an atmosphere where people — particularly the younger tech crowd — would feel welcome to commute?

We have all these great buildings in downtown Galveston that seem to attract the new kind of immigrant, the one who shows up with a laptop and bicycle and is not interested in commuting 50 miles to work each day.

Last month, Galveston Island was the unfortunate location for another cyclist’s death — an experienced cyclist along FM 3005.

Let’s get with the national trend, begin some research and make this island cyclist-friendly.

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